Q. What is the size and atmosphere of each room?
A. Please click here to view each room by clicking on its button.

Q. Is it possible to use the room before or after hours for preparation and clean-up? Also, if I arrive early, can I use it before the reserved time?
A. The reserved time starts at the time you enter the room till the time you leave. Preparation and clean-up time is included in the reserved time. Please be punctual. However, if the room is vacant just before the reserved time, you may enter the room up to 10 minutes in advance.
Otherwise, you will be charged an additional fee if you use the room for longer than the reserved time. You may be asked to leave the site in case of bad behavior or bad manners.

Q. How do I open and close the room key?
A. On the corridor of the first floor, there is a row of wooden white boxes with room numbers written on them. You can unlock the box by matching the three-digit number of the number key.
The three-digit number can be found in the e-mail sent to you when you made a reservation.
The lock will open when the three-digit numbers are aligned in the middle of the row.
When you leave, please remember to put the room key back in the white box and lock the door (i.e., change the three-digit number).
(It is OK to hand the key directly to the person who will use the same room next to you.)

Q. How can I use the room?
1) We do not have a waiting room. Please be careful not to arrive too early as you will be asked to wait outside the room.
2) Please make sure that the door and window (double-paned) are closed properly when performing music. We appreciate your cooperation in minimizing the sound leakage.
3) After using the room, please return the room to its original condition by putting back any items that have been moved or used. Please leave the room clean and tidy for the next occupant.
4) Symphony has seven music rooms. In case you reserve a room for a group, please inform every group member of the reserved time and room number.
5) There is no elevator. You will have to go up and down the stairs. Those who carry heavy items or persons with a disability may need a special care.

Q. Can I walk inside the rooms with my shoes on?
A. All rooms at the Symphony are for indoor use. Please take off your shoes and change into slippers. If you wish to perform in your shoes for a concert, etc., you may do so as long as you wipe the soles of your shoes.

Q. Do you tune pianos?
A. Symphony's pianos are tuned once a month. The tuning is done by Masato Kato, a well-known tuner who is also president of Bechstein Japan, or piano tuners designated by him. In some cases, customers arrange for their tuner for their concerts.

Q. Can we arrange for piano tuning ourselves?
A. If you would like to have the piano tuned for a concert or other event, please contact us beforehand. There is no rental room charge for the tuning time. If you would like to ask a particular tuner, please contact us in advance with the tuner's brief bio. Otherwise, we will ask Bechstein Japan to tune the piano.

Q. Can we eat and drink in the rooms?
A. Eating and drinking are allowed in the Symphony rooms. We charge an additional fee for guests who eat and drink. This is because, after eating or drinking, odors and stains may remain, which may require cleaning the room afterwards or make it difficult for the next guests to use the room. In particular, since the smell and stains are often stronger when alcohol is consumed, we charge 3,000 yen per use when alcohol is consumed, and 2,000 yen per use when alcohol is not consumed. There is no additional charge if you only drink bottled soft drinks. You may use dishes and other utensils, but we ask that you return them to the exact same condition as when you came. We ask that you wash them, wipe them down, and put them back where you found them. We ask for your cooperation in making this a pleasant experience for everyone.

Q. What if I want to leave my trash behind?
A. If you would like to leave your garbage without taking it home, we charge 500 yen per baggage bag (45-liter bag) for the total amount. Please indicate this on the reservation form. Garbage bags are available in the rooms. Please calculate the fee based on the total amount of garbage, not the number of bags. Please separate bottles and cans, pack them into different bags, and leave them in the space at the end of the hallway on the first floor. If that space is full, please place it out of the way near the parking lot checkout machines. Please do not leave garbage inside the room or in the hallway.

Q. Can I connect to the Internet?
A. All rooms have free high-speed Internet access via wired LAN or wireless LAN connected to a modem. This provides an ideal environment for live-streaming, etc. Addresses can be either room numbers such as "ss101", "ss103", "ss201″ (5G), or "symphony-backup" (5G). symphony-backup" (2.4G).

Q. I would like to come and see the rooms in advance.
A. You can see each room for up to 10 minutes free of charge when the room is available. For more information, please click here. Weekends and holidays are crowded and last-minute reservations may be made, so we recommend you plan to see the room weekdays. Please note that if a (paid) reservation is made, it will take priority. If it is essential to check the rooms in advance, it is best to make a regular reservation for 30-minute (for a fee). You must open and close the door to visit the rooms by yourself. (If you have already made a reservation (for a fee), you will be notified a key number; if not, please ask us for the key number. You can also see inside of the rooms (except for Rooms 302 and 501) through the indoor view on our website. If you are using the rooms for a large group or for a concert, we recommend that you visit the rooms beforehand to get an idea of what the rooms look like.


Q. How to make a reservation?
For information on how to register, please click here.

Q. Can't I make reservations by phone or email?
A. We request all reservations be made online.

Q. How do I change, add, shorten, or cancel a reservation?
A. If you wish to add a reservation, please make a new reservation. In other cases (changing, shortening, or canceling reservations), please contact Symphony by e-mail, as you cannot operate the system yourself. No cancellation fee will be charged if you change only the time slot on the same day. Cancellation and reduction or shortening of time (including a change from a room with a higher rate to a room with a lower rate, from Saturday to Sunday to weekday, etc.) are subject to cancellation fees. Please note that if you change a reservation made less than 22 hours in advance, the system will automatically show the same-day reservation rate, but in case of correction the starting point of the original reservation will be used as the basis for calculating the actual fee. Please make your reservation when everything is finalized to avoid cancellations or changes.

Q. Is there a cancellation fee?
A. Cancellation, shortening, reduction, or no-show will result in a cancellation fee. Please make your reservation at the time it is finalized. Please click here for more information on Symphony cancellation fees.

Q. How do I make a payment?
A. If you wish to pay by credit card, please click "Pay" on the "Payment Screen" when you make a reservation. You will then be taken to the PayPal screen. Unless you already have an account with PayPal, click on "Open an account" and enter the required information. PayPal is the most widely used electronic payment system in the entire world and is safe and secure. If you are paying in cash, please select "Pay Later" on the "Payment Screen" and pay before the end of your visit on the same day.

Q. I made a reservation, but I did not receive a confirmation e-mail.
A. First, please make sure that your e-mail address is registered correctly. Please make sure that you have permission to receive emails from no_response@supersaas.com and check your junk mail.

Q. I made a reservation and received a confirmation e-mail, but the e-mail does not explain how to use the room or the key number.
A. Instructions on how to use the room and the key number are written at the bottom of the confirmation e-mail. If it does not appear, that section may be hidden, so please expand all the text and look to the bottom.

A. When viewing the schedule screen, we recommend that you click on the "Change to Desktop View" button at the bottom of the screen to view the PC screen instead of the screen for smartphones and tablets. This way, you can see at a glance the information about the vacancy of the rooms. However, while this is not a problem on a PC or iPhone/iPad, the screen may be corrupted on an Android phone or tablet. We recommend that you use the Android version without converting it to the PC version.

Q. How many months in advance can I book?
A. You can book up to six months in advance.

Q. What happens if I stop the reservation process in the middle of making a reservation?
A. If you stop in the middle of the reservation process, the reservation will not be made. The reservation will be completed only after you have completed all the necessary inputs for the reservation, and have completed the payment section. If you stop in the middle of the reservation process, you will have to start the reservation process over from scratch. However, if you try to make a reservation for the same time slot immediately after stopping the reservation, you may not be able to do so. In this case, please stop the process and wait for a while, then try again later.


Q. Can I stay overnight?
A. Some of the rooms at the Symphony is equipped with a shower, toilet, and kitchen. We have many repeat customers who stay at the Symphony for concerts, music school entrance examinations or competitions, and lessons. In some cases, the rooms are also used for master classes, etc., and are also used as both lodging and lesson rooms for the teacher. If you would like to stay at the Symphony, please contact us. Symphony has arranged accommodations for many musicians in the past, and we will give you advice based on our experience.。

For more information about accommodations, please click here.

Q. What are the rates for lodging?
A. Please click here to see the rates for lodging.


Q. I want to hold a concert in Room 201 (Steinway Hall), how many people can it accommodate?
A. It can accommodate up to about max. 60 people, including stairway seating and movable chairs. There have been instances where more than 60 people have been accommodated for solo piano concerts, but it is up to the customer to decide how many people can be accommodated. For example, if a large number of people are performing on stage, the number of seats is likely to be limited. We have a sufficient number of tables, both small and large. The larger tables are usually set up with four legs screwed into a wooden board. The legs must be removed from the board if they are to be put away. There are three more similar tables.

Q. Is there a waiting room in Room 201?
A. The easiest way is to use the kitchen area of Room 201 as a waiting room. It is small, but there is no additional charge for this. However, if you need a separate room for rehearsals, dressing, breaks, etc., you will need to reserve a separate room, such as Room 202 across from Room 201 or Room 101 on the first floor downstairs.

Q. Can I use the rooms for recording or videotaping?
A. Many people use the rooms for recording and videotaping. You will need to provide your own recording equipment. If you would like to hire a professional to make a recording, please contact us for a referral. Please note, however, that since we are located near the center of Tokyo, we cannot offer the perfect silence of a professional recording studio.

Q. If I hold a concert, can I post information about it?
A. If you would like us to place flyers in the hallway of the Symphony for publicity or post them on our website, please contact us. The fee is 1,000 yen per month for each. We can put up information about events at the Symphony on the day of the event free of charge. Flyers, etc. can be magnetically attached to the steel plate on the front of the first floor, and to the two doors on the corridor side of Room 201. You may post notice on other spaces on the day of the event (please use your common sense), but please provide your own paper, writing materials, tape, etc.

Q. Is it possible to send flowers, etc. to be delivered on the day of the concert?
A. Yes, but we cannot pick up the flowers on your behalf. Please arrange with the courier to have them delivered at a time when you can pick them up yourself, or instruct the courier to leave them in the hallway on the second floor of the Symphony Building. (Please note that some courier companies do not leave packages when you cannot receive the in person.) If you would like to arrange for delivery, please email Symphony to let us know in advance. Please note that Symphony cannot take responsibility for any issues regarding receiving or managing packages.


Q. Is there an elevator?
A. There is no elevator. You will need to use the stairs to go up and down from the second floor and above.

Q. Is there a parking lot?
A. There is one parking space in front of the Symphony Building. It is a paid coin park. We cannot take parking spaces in advance. There are several coin-operated parks nearby within a few minutes' walk, including Daiei Park next to the Symphony Building. The nearest coin-operated park with a large number of spaces is Seven-Eleven near the Koto Fukagawa 2-chome store. There are no bicycle parking lots.

Q. Can I record for competitions, auditions, etc.?
A. If you are considering recording for competitions or auditions, please contact us. Our professional staff will produce DVDs at reasonable prices. Why not record your important performances in a space with excellent acoustics?