Cancellation of Hourly Reservations

Symphony's cancellation policy is as follows. A cancellation fee will be charged by multiplying the rental fee by the following percentage:

(1) Room 201 (Steinway Hall)

Period Weekdays Weekends & Holidays
6 months to 3 months before 10% 10%
3 months to 1 month prior 10% 20%
1 month to 1 week prior 10% 30%
1 week to 22 hours before 50% 50%
22 hours before or after 100% 100%

(2) Rooms other than Room 201

Period Weekdays Weekends and holidays
6 months to 1 month before 0% 0%
1 month to 2 weeks before 10% 10%
2 weeks to 48 hours before 10% 20%
48 hours to 22 hours before 50% 50%
Within 22 hours 100% 100%

Regardless of the cancellation policy, we ask that reservations be made when the schedule is finalized. Please note that in the case of repeated cancellations or malicious cases, etc., we may refuse to allow you to use the room in the future. Shortening the reservation time is also considered a (partial) cancellation. No cancellation fee will be charged if only the time slot is changed on the same day of the reservation. Please pay cancellation and other fees via PayPal (credit card, etc.). The customer is required to pay handling fees related to the remittance.

In the event that we receive a large number of reservations due to competitions or entrance examinations for music colleges, etc., we may not accept cancellation. (Some people try to make a number of reservations in advance for competitions and later try to cancel unnecessary time slots. This will reduce the availability of time slots. Please refrain from doing this.)

To avoid mistakes, please contact us by e-mail, not by phone, for cancellation or change requests/notifications, etc. Please send us an e-mail to

Please include the following information in the e-mail notifying cancellation:

Room numbers of the reservations which you want to cancel.
The date and time of the reservation you wish to cancel, your name, and the reason for the cancellation.

Cancellation of Accommodation Reservations

The following rules apply in the event that a guest cancels his/her lodging reservation. The cancellation fee will be the rental fee multiplied by the following %.
(Once we have accepted your reservation, we will not have to turn down any other reservations, including hourly reservations. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.)

Period Fri./Sat./Sun./holidays/peak season On regular days
6 months to 1 month in advance 10% 10%
1 month to 1 week in advance 30% 10%
1 week to 22 hours before 50% 30%
Within 22 hours 100% 100%

Regardless of the cancellation policy, we ask that reservations be made after the schedule is finalized.
Holiday/weekend rates also apply for stays from Friday to Saturday. The peak season means the period when we expect a lot of accommodation due to competitions and entrance examinations of music universities.
You will be charged any remittance fees related to cancellation charges.