Room Information and Price

Symphony has seven rooms.
To see the details of each room, please click on the photos.
The comparison of each room is in below of this page.








Room Number of pianos Hourly Price *1 Available hours Size *3 Capacity
101 1 ¥1,500 / ¥2,100 / ¥1,200 24hrs Approx. 9㎡ Approx. 3 people
103 2 ¥2,500 / ¥3,500 / ¥2,000 24hrs Approx. 24㎡ Approx. 15 people
201 1 ¥3,000 / ¥4,200 / ¥2,400 7:00~23:00 Approx. 50㎡ Approx. 50 people
202 1 ¥2,000 / ¥2,800 / ¥1,600 7:00~22:00 Approx. 20㎡ Approx. 15 people
301 1 ¥2,500 / ¥3,500 / ¥2,000 7:00~23:00 Approx. 25㎡ Approx. 20 people
302 1 *2 ¥1,500 / ¥2,100 / ¥1,200 7:00~22:00 Approx. 23㎡ Approx. 7 people
501 1 ¥2,000 / ¥2,800 / ¥1,600 8:00~22:00 Approx. 32㎡ Approx. 30 people

*1 Weekdays / Weekends and National holidays / reserved within 22hrs
*2 302 has an upright piano. Other rooms have grand pianos.
*3 Usability varies greatly depending on room shape, piano, furniture, etc. Please see the room in person for more details.

Eating and drinking in the room

If you wish to eat or drink in the room, the following charges apply.
Please select this option on the reservation form when you make a reservation.

Eating/drinking in the room (without alcohol)*1 ¥2,000
Eating/drinking in the room (with alcohol) ¥3,000
Garbage disposal (per 45L garbage bag)*2 ¥500

*1 There is no additional charge for food and beverage if you only drink from your own plastic bottle.
*2 This fee is for those who do not take their garbage home with them. Please separate bottles and cans and dispose of them in the garbage area at the end of the hallway on the first floor.

Piano Tuning and Maintenance

All Symphony pianos are tuned and maintained by Mr. Masato Kato who is President of Bechstein Japan and German Klavierbaumeister and the company's other piano tuners under his supervision. We normally have them come once a month, but we ask them to conduct additional checks of the pianos if necessary. If you feel that there is something wrong with the piano, please feel free to contact us. However, please also understand that this is only within the scope of regular tuning. In case you have advanced requests or suggestions of an extremely sensitive nature. we need to hire an extra tuning for an additional fee.

Individual tuning can be requested from Bechstein Piano tuners. The fee for both NY Steinway and Bechstein pianos is 20,000 yen plus consumption tax. There will be no rental fee for the time of tuning. If you need a tuner to accompany you to a concert, we can hire a tuner for 4,000 yen per hour. It is possible to have a tuner of your choice tune the piano, but please be sure to consult us in advance. We have a certain screening process for tuners.